In the field of civilian use, titanium products are used

- May 10, 2018-

In the field of civilian use, titanium products are used in chemical, salt production soda, petroleum, building materials, medical, and living industries, such as pipelines, valves, exchangers, reactors, etc., and chemical and salt production The use of equipment and equipment is cyclical. On the one hand, users do not understand the characteristics of titanium materials. On the other hand, the price of titanium products is much higher than the price of stainless steel products. The price is not dominant and the cost is high. The developers of medical and daily necessities are in the primary stage. For medical titanium, it is basically at the level of raw material supply. Most products rely on imports, and many products are in the localization stage. Titanium products for daily use are still in the development stage. Many companies are exploring trial-produced titanium products, and they are continuously investing a large amount of human, material, and financial resources to solve the technical problems. The output and sales volume of the products continues to grow. Titanium products in the construction industry cannot easily open up the market. On the one hand, the prices are high, and on the other hand, the surface treatment and other process technology bottlenecks need to be broken.