Nickel Ore: The End Of The Rainy Season In The Main Nickel-producing Areas Of The Philippines

- Apr 11, 2018-

Nickel ore: The end of the rainy season in the main nickel-producing areas of the Philippines

  Affected by the anticipated entry of the main Philippine nickel ore production areas, the nickel inventories of the ports have continued to decline since the fourth quarter of last year, and the current port inventory is 7.33 million tons, a decrease of 34% from the same period of last year. However, due to the supply of Indonesian nickel ore, the market did not panic because of the decline in nickel ore volume. After the end of the rainy season in the Philippines, shipments began to increase gradually in March. Recently, the amount of nickel ore in the Philippines increased significantly. Last week, 13 ships arrived in Hong Kong, an increase of 7 ships compared to the previous week. The decrease in nickel inventories at the port slowed down, while the nickel ore futures Both the price and the domestic nickel ore spot prices have been loosened, and the prices of various nickel minerals have been lowered. This also explains to a certain extent that the supply at the end of the mine is not tight. On the contrary, in the face of the increasing amount of nickel ore to be brought to Hong Kong, nickel ore trade Businesses are not optimistic about the late market, so they have lowered their prices.