The Bottom Reversal Trend Of The Titanium Processing Industry Has Been Established

- May 02, 2018-

The bottom reversal trend of the titanium processing industry has been established, and the leading advantages of the company are highlighted: China's titanium processing industry is ushering in a new round of economic cycle that the new model accelerates heavy volume and large-scale refining projects. We estimate that the demand for titanium for military use will achieve a definitive growth of doubling in three years. As the most senior supplier of AVIC, the company will develop the deterministically beneficial industry at a rapid rate; in addition, the investment in domestic major refining and refining base projects is in full swing, and petrochemical refining and chemical Titanium has set off a new round of peak demand. The company has the largest titanium processing capacity in the country and the most complete titanium processing industry chain, and it is self-evident that the industry’s benefit from the warming up has taken place.