The First Target Node Of The Hundred Days Battle Achieved A Daily Output Of 50 Tons Of Crude Magnesium From The Salt Lake Magnesium Plant

- Jun 03, 2018-

The first target node of the "Hundred Days Battle" achieved a daily output of 50 tons of crude magnesium from the salt lake magnesium plant

Qinghai Salt Lake Magnesium Co., Ltd. combined with the actual status of the current test and trial production of the magnesium plant, in order to comprehensively increase the load, to win the trial production of magnesium trial production, and to carry out the “hundred-day battle” production competition in the magnesium plant, the first key event of the campaign. The node, that is, on May 18, the daily output of crude magnesium reached 50 tons. On May 17, the magnesium plant produced 51.38 tons of crude magnesium per day, which meant that the “5.18” target node was completed in advance. This is a milestone significance for the Magnesium Plant of Salt Lake Magnesium, which indicates that trial production will be fully entered into a new stage.