The Super Soft Sponge Titanium With A Brinell Hardness Lower Than 90 Is One Grade Higher Than The National Standard Zero-grade Sponge Titanium

- Mar 19, 2018-

The super soft sponge titanium with a Brinell hardness lower than 90 is one grade higher than the national standard zero-grade sponge titanium, which is the highest grade in the sponge titanium grade. This kind of quality sponge titanium product is mainly suitable for high-end hydrogenated dehydrogenation titanium powder raw materials, 3D printed wire raw materials, and spectacle wire raw materials. It is expected to be used for R&D and construction of aircraft carriers, space stations, large aircrafts and other fields. High-end applications have taken a solid step.

Through long-term technical breakthroughs, Panzhihua Iron & Steel has broken through hundreds of technical difficulties such as the safety of low-priced titanium preparation in refining systems, low toughness of sponge titanium slicer blades, and blockage of distilling distillation pipes in distillation furnaces, and obtained authorization from the State Intellectual Property Office of Panzhihua Iron and Steel Corporation. Two patents on the use of resources. Once the product is put into the market, it will be favored by the users.