Tianwang Magnesium Alloy Bicycle Successfully Trial Production

- Jun 01, 2018-

Tianwang magnesium alloy bicycle successfully trial production

Recently, Hebei Tianwang Bicycle Technology Co., Ltd. has invested 520 million yuan in aviation materials bicycles (child strollers) successfully trial production in Guangzong County. The one-time molding production equipment for frame rims of this project is the first in China, and the application of aerospace magnesium alloy materials is exclusive to North China.

The company always pays attention to scientific and technological innovation, carries out scientific and technological cooperation with Tianjin Bicycle Research Institute and Beijing Institute of Technology, and strives to build a domestic first-class bicycle manufacturing enterprise. The R&D center of Tianwang Technology Bicycle (Baby Stroller) was set up in Shanghai, and its own brand was continuously created. The three brands “Space Baby”, “Two Wheels” and “SKYS” were rated as Hebei Famous Brands.