Ultrahigh-Pressure Thermo-rheological High-performance Control Forming Technology For Magnesium Alloy Complex Structures

- May 24, 2018-

The national major special project of "Ultrahigh-Pressure Thermo-rheological High-performance Control Forming Technology for Magnesium Alloy Complex Structures" jointly submitted by five units including Nanjing University of Science and Technology and Yinguang Group has passed the national pre-acceptance inspection.

At present, this project has completed the experimental research, related experiments and demonstration applications of magnesium alloy continuous casting ingot materials, homogenization heat treatment of materials, surface treatment of magnesium alloy test pieces, deformation behavior of magnesium alloys. Through the implementation of the project, a group of engineering technicians, operators and alloy performance inspectors engaged in the casting and forging of high-quality magnesium alloys were trained to ensure the normal operation of the new production line after completion and to produce qualified products in a large scale.