Ferro-silicon Market

- Apr 27, 2018-

A magnesium powder plant manager also said that after the recent increase in their quotation, foreign customers did not accept it and they did not receive a response after the offer. The person also believes that the recent magnesium market is still not good, and the drop will not drop much, leaving little room for downswing.

Based on the comprehensive analysis, this week, the magnesium market may consolidate slightly, and the volatility is not significant. With the continuous release of demand, the transaction volume is expected to increase.

Ferro-silicon market: Ferrosilicon market continued its weak operation this week, and the price of ferrosilicon at 75# fell to 5,800 yuan to 5,900 yuan/ton. Ferro-silicon-related institutions believe that the price of ferrosilicon may weaken further in the near future, due to the fact that some steel mills have stopped reforming and there is no good news support.