Magnesium Market Is Stable After First Rising

- Apr 26, 2018-

Magnesium market is stable after first rising

    Due to the large number of downstream purchases before the Ching Ming Festival, early last week, the factory offered a slight increase in spot prices, which was slightly higher. After the increase in magnesium prices, the downstream acceptance is not strong, and there are only a few transactions at high prices. On April 13th, the magnesium market showed signs of loosening under weak support conditions. Like the recent weather in the northern regions, the temperature rise is still unstable. As of April 13, 99.9% of magnesium ingots in Shaanxi Fugu mainstream mainstream factory tax-inclusive cash price of 14,800 to 14,900 yuan / ton; Taiyuan, Shanxi, Ningxia, 15,000 to 15,100 yuan / ton, Wenxi, Shanxi Province 15,100 ~ 15200 yuan / ton, slightly more than the beginning of the week about 100 yuan / ton, the above are not pickled, simple package price. The export FOB price is $2450 to $2480/ton.