In The Desalination Of Seawater, Shuangrui Casting Walked In The Forefront Of The Country

- Mar 23, 2018-

In the desalination of seawater, Shuangrui Casting walked in the forefront of the country. In 2013, the first domestically produced titanium belt and titanium welded pipe desalination project and the first domestic 0.4mm titanium welded pipe domestic desalination project in 2014 all used Shuangrui casting products. The application of titanium products in seawater desalination has become a major highlight of Shuangrui Precision Casting.

Through the application of nature, Shuangrui casting products can show their talents in the high-end areas, and they are inseparable from their pursuit of refinement and pursuit of features. The company has rigorous process control and inspection to ensure product quality, strict eddy current testing of welded tubes, ultrasonic flaw detection testing, ultrasonic blind test of sawing, 100% underwater airtight testing, 100% inspection and recording, etc. The traceability of the quality of the root-welded pipe ensures the excellence of the product.