Shuangrui Precision Casting Not Only Pursues The Essence Of The Product

- Mar 24, 2018-

Shuangrui Precision Casting not only pursues the essence of the product, but also pursues the special technology. Has a number of unique technology - welded pipe mold made of a combination of a variety of materials, both to reduce the surface of the weld pipe scratches, but also to improve the life of the mold to ensure production stability; using plasma flow cleaning device before welding on titanium The belt is cleaned; the automatic boring technology is used to verify the online eddy current; the turning tool is used to repair the end, and the port is neat and has no burr.

It is Shuangrui's meticulous pursuit of leanness and characteristics as its products, which lays the foundation for its product “Five Oceans to catch oysters”. Shipboard titanium alloy sheet and strip products, China's first 7000-meter manned deep-sea submersible "Dragon" titanium alloy pressure spherical shells are used in the Shuangrui casting titanium products.