Titanium Is A Major Breakthrough In The Development Of The National Thirteenth Five-Year Plan For New Materials

- May 04, 2018-

Titanium is a major breakthrough in the development of the National Thirteenth Five-Year Plan for New Materials. With the reduction of titanium prices and the increase in the level of processing and smelting, the manufacturing cost of titanium products has gradually decreased. Today, titanium is no longer an unattainable precious metal and rarity. It has become a new material that various industries have chosen to use. With the advancement of national military-civilian integration, green development, high-end development, and industrial 4.0 policies, titanium, with its superior superiority over traditional materials, has a wide application potential in aerospace, aviation, warships, weapons, and nuclear industries. In particular, the application of titanium in the national C919 large-scale aircraft project and the 4,500-meter deep submersible manned spherical shell project shows that the development of China's titanium industry has reached a new level.