When The Charge Of The Titanium Product Reaches The Soft-melt Zone, The Blast Furnace Is Difficult To Operate

- May 07, 2018-

When the charge of the titanium product reaches the soft-melt zone, the blast furnace is difficult to operate. Charge air permeability is poor, and the air volume and pressure difference do not correspond. Causes of Titanium Products; Unsteady Blast Furnace Produces Unstable Blast Furance, Poor Disintegration, or Sequential Crushing; Titanium Plate Products, Including Tough Formed Suspension, Titanium Products Are Extraordinarily Deep; Equipment Faults Cannot Be Slow on Titanium Plates or Titanium Plates And the original fuel supply is not good. The disposal of titanium products must fully understand the damage of titanium products, according to the furnace top temperature (not exceeding 250 °C) uneven, moderate wind reduction, good control of the material line, to ensure that the top temperature can not exceed the maximum allowable value (300 °C), maintenance Furnace top equipment (starting the top of the water hanging equipment, but not too much water).