Zhirui Casting Has Rules And Wisdom

- Mar 25, 2018-

Zhirui casting has rules and wisdom

“There are meetings, meetings and decisions, there are decisions and actions, and there are results.” This is the 16 words the reporter saw in the Shuangrui Casting Conference Room. These 16 words seem to be simple and easy to do, but it is difficult for Shuangrui to make these 16 words. This wisdom is also reflected in the wisdom of marketing + technology.

Shuangrui Precision Casting initially sold only a single piece of equipment in the field of heat exchangers. In the innovative concept of marketing + technology, marketing information and technology research and development were combined to develop products. Now from the single device R&D and production to the unit's overall sales, a core technology segment has been formed. In the past, sales of 10 million yuan per year in heat exchanger products for single-sales products have been very impressive. In 2017, it is not surprising that the heat exchanger units are sold for more than 80 million yuan. This is wisdom.