Titanium Dioxide - Plated Lead Anode

Product Name:Titanium Dioxide - plated Lead Anode
Certification: ISO, CE, ROHS
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Product Details

Product Details

Titanium Dioxide - plated Lead Anode is the latest nanotechnology technology adopted by the technology, which is coated with lead dioxide on the surface of titanium substrate. The surface coating of the product is uniform and fine, with special processing and strong binding force. High current, high electrolysis efficiency, corrosion resistance. Long service life, the base can be used repeatedly, low cost, high cost performance.



The current scope: < 1000 a / ㎡
Temperature range: < 80 degrees.
Use environment: PH value 1-4.
Product shape: titanium mesh, board, tube, etc or customized according to customer requirements.

Product Description

Advantages of Titanium Dioxide - plated Lead Anode:

1. Adopt the new formula sintering transition layer, improve the electrode conductivity, increase the bonding force between the coating and the substrate, effectively prevent the substrate passivation, reduce the groove pressure, and extend the electrode life;
 2. The electrode adopts the network structure, meanwhile, it improves the fluidity of the electrolyte and the current distribution is more uniform.
 3, because there is no shedding of lead sulfate, at the bottom of the cell without the occurrence of precipitation, also avoid the conventional electrolytic sediment, need to return to processing the high pollution and high energy consumption, reduce the cost.
 4. Stable anode performance, long working life under high current density conditions, high concentration of oxygen over potential, strong resistance to chloride ion, suitable for the work of various complex strong acid working systems.


Product Application

Titanium Dioxide - plated Lead Anode Application:

1. Wet metallurgy industry.
2. Electrolysis treatment is difficult to degrade the industrial wastewater of pollutants, so that COD and BOD meet the emission standards.
3. Electromechanical synthesis.
4. Electroplating, etc.


1. Standard Exporting package.
2. Original package or neutral package.
3. According to clients ' needs.
4. Shipped in10-35 days after payment.


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