MMO Linear Anode

Product Name:MMO Linear Anode
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Product Details

Product Details

MMO Linear Anode also called MMO flexible anode , it can be classified into two categories: linear anode based on the nano conductive Linear anode also called flexible anode, linear anode based on the nano conductive carbon black polymer composite technology and linear anode based on MMO/Ti coating. The former is the first generation and the latter are the second generation.

Both of them are used for impressed current cathodic protection of buried structures, such as buried oil (gas) pipelines, underground tank, petrochemical container etc. in order to slow down corrosion. The linear anode is characterized by easy installation, completed supporting facilities and reasonable price.


MMO/Ti linear anode parameter:




ELTA-15(MMO/Ti Wire Anode 1.5mm Dia) ELTA-30(MMO/Ti Wire Anode 3mm Dia)


Outer Dia.


MMO/Ti wire anode Dia.


Current output

=52mA/m, customizable

Designed life

=40Y, customizable


1×10mm2/ Halar,HMWPE/PVC or HMWPE are optional.

Carbon breeze content


Carbon breeze resistivity

~0.05O·cm,per G.L.C.-C-12A at 23ºC, 10 bar

MMO wire and cable contact resistance


Anode weight


Length per roll


Bursting strength

575 N per ISO 3303

Abrasion resistance

219 cycles to failure per ASTM D-4157

Fluid resistance

Pass, 6-month immersion test

Chlorine resistance

Pass, 6-month immersion test

UV resistance

55% tear strength loss per ASTM G-53,

8 hrs @ 60ºC (140ºF), 4 hrs condensation @ 50ºC (122ºF)

Product Description

MMO Linear Anode Advantages:

More efficiency and economical than discrete anode;
Even distributed potential and current;
Easy design and install, for pipeline rehabilitation without excavation;
Avoids interference and shield problems;
Low resistance between MMO wire and cable;
High reliability of the connection;
Sealing material of connection has excellent corrosion resistance and anti-aging;
No impact when rebuild the cathodic protection;
No more “interference, shield” problem;
Reliable connector connection and quality control (Helium side leakage and conductivity test for each connector) .


MMO Linear Anode Construction:

1. MMO/Ti Anode: Anode comprised of Titanium Wire with Iridium-based Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) coating;
2. Cable: deliver the required current over considerable distance without incurring substantial longitudinal voltage drop. Halar or HMWPE are optional.  
3. Coke breeze: Pre-packaged, high performance calcined petroleum coke breeze, serving as the active matrix in which the electrochemical reactions take place.
4. Fabric Housing: a continuous non-degrading fabric, allows water and vapors to pass, but contains the coke backfill.
5. Protective braid: Tough, porous, non-conductive protective braid enhancing the abrasion and damage resistance of the fabric jacket.
6. Packaging: supplied on wooden reels and suitable for export.


Through power cable and MMO/Ti wire anode, use the method of a certain distance connection seal, linear anode achieves the purpose of cable release and transmission.

Cable transmission current through MMO wire to release protection electric field, make up the composite cathode protection auxiliary anodes. This MMO/Ti linear anode has the following characteristics:

1. Low resistance between MMO wire and cable;
2. High reliability of the connection;
3. Sealing material of connection has excellent corrosion resistance and anti-aging;
4. Customizable Max current output;
5. Reliable connector connection and quality control (Helium side leakage and conductivity test for each connector).

Product Application

MMO Linear Anode Application:

1. Horizontal or vertical groundbeds;
2. Above or underground storage tanks;
3. Buried pipelines;
4. Below-Ground Storage Tanks.


EO Metal Products are packed and labeled according to the regulations and customer's requests. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation. In addition, clear labels are tagged on the outside of the packages for easy identification of the product I. D. and quality information.

1) EO Standard
2) Customization


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