Silver Chloride Reference Anode

Product Name:Silver Chloride Reference Anode
Certification: ISO, CE, ROHS
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Product Details

Product Detail

Silver chloride reference electrode (same as Ag/AgCl reference electrode) is metal silver covered with silver chloride soaked in potassium chloride or hydrochloric acid.
Silver chloride reference electrode is divided into long-term silver chloride reference electrode and portable silver chloride reference electrode. It is stable under high temperature and has excellent electrochemical stability feature.
Since its shell is made of high strength plastic, it can be stably used in the sea, soil and other complex environment for a long time. It is widely applied in the field of cathodic protection and other related fields.



1. Packed with wooden case
2. Cardboard case
3. According to the requirements of customers

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1. Sea Freight
2. Air Cargo
3. Express delivery
4. Land Transportation


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