AZ80A Magnesium Plate

Product Name:AZ80A Magnesium Plate
Certification: ISO, CE, ROHS
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                     AZ80A Magnesium Plate Chemical   Composition
 Number   Al   Mn   Zn   Fe   Cu   Si   Ni   Mg
 AZ80A  3.12  0.302  0.928  0.0029  0.0009  0.018  0.001remainder



AZ80A Magnesium Plate is the third largest metal engineering material after steel and aluminum. It is reputed as the green engineering material of the 21st century. It has many excellent properties and is widely used. 

In practical metals, the lightest metal, magnesium is about 2/3 the weight of aluminum and 1/4 of the iron. It is the lightest metal in the practical metal, with high strength and high rigidity.


AZ80A Magnesium Plate Characteristic:


Light weight

High strength

Good heat dissipation and shock absorption

EMI resistance

High size stability

Good precision formability


AZ80A Magnesium Plate Heat Performance :

Although the thermal conductivity of magnesium alloy is less than that of aluminum alloy, it is dozens of times higher than plastic. Therefore, AZ80A Magnesium Plate is used in electrical products to effectively distribute the internal heat outside. 

Application range: AZ80A Magnesium Plate is used in the shell and heat dissipation parts of computer and projector which produce high temperature inside. Magnesium alloy can be used on the shell of the television to achieve no cooling hole.

Applications of AZ80A Magnesium Plate:

AZ80A Magnesium Plate are mainly used in chemical industry, electronic industry, transportation, aerospace and other industries.


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