ZK61M Magnesium Plate

Product Name:ZK61M Magnesium Plate
Certification: ISO, CE, ROHS
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Product Details

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ZK61M Magnesium Plate Chemical Composition


ZK61M Magnesium Plate with high specific strength, under the same rigid conditions, 1kg of magnesium alloy is equal to 18kg of aluminum and 2.1kg of steel, the higher the strength that the corresponding strength to achieve the quality of the material used lighter.

ZK61M Magnesium Plate Characteristic:

1.Light weight. ZK61M Magnesium Plate is the lightest metal material in the world

2.High specific strength .magnesium alloy has a high strength and quality, it also has a certain bearing capacity. 

3.Small modulus of elasticity has better strength and anti-seismic and not easily distortion

4.Good anti electromagnetic interference and shield

5.Non pollution and recycle

6.Stable dimensionally and easy processing

Applications of ZK61M Magnesium Plate:

ZK61M Magnesium Plate profiles are mainly used in chemical industry, electronic industry, transportation, aerospace and other industries. 

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