Ammonia Nitrogen Wastewater Electrocatalytic Titanium Electrode

Product Name:Ammonia Nitrogen Wastewater Electrocatalytic Titanium Electrode
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Product Details

Product Details

Ammonia nitrogen wastewater mainly comes from chemical fertilizer, coking, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, such as landfill, a large amount of ammonia nitrogen wastewater into water not only cause eutrophication of water bodies, causing water black smelly, feed processing difficulty and cost increase, even to the crowd and biological toxicity, in view of the ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment technology with biological method, chemical method of all kinds of processing technology, etc.


At present, with the rapid development of chemical fertilizer, petrochemical industry and other industries, the production of high ammonia nitrogen wastewater has become one of the constraints of industry development. It is reported that there have been many red tides in China's waters, and ammonia nitrogen is one of the important causes of pollution, especially the pollution caused by high concentration of ammonia nitrogen wastewater.

Therefore, the economical and effective control of high concentration of pollution has become an important research topic for environmental protection workers, which is highly valued by the industry. 

Of ammonia nitrogen wastewater is due to the formation of ammonia and inorganic ammonia caused by the common existence, general pH above neutral on the main source of ammonia nitrogen wastewater is a common effect of inorganic ammonia and ammonia and pH value under the condition of acidic waste water in ammonia nitrogen is mainly due to the inorganic ammonia. 

There are two main types of ammonia nitrogen in wastewater, one is ammonia nitrogen formed by ammonia water, one is ammonia nitrogen formed by inorganic ammonia, mainly ammonium sulfate, ammonium chloride and so on.

Product Description

At present, the high concentration of ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment methods mainly include the remove method, break point chlorination method, biological denitrification method, etc., but these methods in the treatment effect, economy and field application, as well as the limitations of different level.


The current electrolysis method of ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment is a kind of can both process simple, small investment, mature technology, easy control and no secondary pollution of ammonia nitrogen treatment. Electric solution has attracted more and more attention. Its advantage is that there are no secondary pollutants, easy to operate, remote control, and wide adaptability.

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