Wastewater Degradation Electrocatalytic Titanium Electrode

Product Name:Wastewater degradation electrocatalytic titanium electrode
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Product Details

Product Description

Wastewater treatment technology includes settlement, filtration, flocculation, biodegradation, electrolytic oxidation and other means. Electrolytic process wastewater treatment, passes current electrode not only plays a role, but also plays a role of catalytic oxidation of organic matter degradation, and will not cause secondary pollution, known as green water treatment technology. 

For cannot adopt biological degradation of wastewater treatment, the electrolytic oxidation process often has a significant effect, so the electrolysis of water treatment technology has become a research focus in the water treatment technology, has been more and more widely used.


The basic principle of electrolytic water treatment technology is to make the pollutants directly electrochemical reaction or indirect electrochemical conversion on the electrode, namely, direct or indirect electrolysis.

Product Application

Wastewater degradation electrocatalytic titanium electrode Application:

Printing and dyeing wastewater treatment, waste exudate, fecal sewage, oily waste water processing, the processing of cyanide waste water treatment, electrolysis method in wastewater recycling metal, hospital wastewater treatment, food and beverage wastewater treatment, etc.


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